National Television Coverage for High-Profile Criminal Cases: Sullivan & Galleshaw

Sullivan & Galleshaw TV Appearances

Jay Galleshaw and Keith Sullivan, the firm’s founding partners, provide legal analysis for national television broadcasts and local New York media outlets. They also regularly appear on camera to draw attention to the legal battles they fight on behalf of clients, including personal injury claims, civil litigation matters, and criminal defense.

news msnbc4 - Television Appearances


Attorney Keith Sullivan appearing on MSNBC to provide legal analysis for arrests, trials, and news stories grabbing headlines across the country.

NBC4 - Television Appearances

NBC New York

Appearing on NBC New York, Keith Sullivan provides key insights into the Casey Anthony verdict and trials with political ramifications.

Fox News - Television Appearances

FOX News

Our lawyers talk with Fox News concerning important legal issues, including anti-bullying laws, and the case against Amanda Knox.

Fox5 - Television Appearances

Fox5 New York

The firm’s attorneys talk with Fox 5 New York about their clients, including a firefighter allegedly tricked into a controversial ad.

industry groups - Television Appearances

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