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fox-newsAttorneys at Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP have appeared on numerous Fox News shows, including Studio B and Geraldo at Large. They’ve broken down a variety of topics and national news items for viewers, such as Chicago’s infamous “Gang Summit” and new Internet regulations passed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Providing successful results for clients goes hand in hand with being able to speak directly about the law and legal processes so everyone has a fair understanding of them. Big networks come to the firm on a regular basis for our in-depth knowledge in this areas, including tort claims, criminal defense law, and civil litigation. Our lawyers pride themselves on delivering honest answers regardless of the situation or matter discussed.

Stand Your Ground and Zimmerman Trial

Attorney  James Galleshawdiscuss reasons to excuse potential jurors in the George Zimmerman case.


FCC Passes New Internet Regulations

Attorney Keith Sullivan discussing newly passed FCC “Net Neutrality” regulations on Studio B with Shepard Smith.



Texas Man Wrongly Sentenced to Death

A clip of Attorney Keith Sullivan discussing the case of a Texas man who may potentially have been wrongfully put to death, due to recently tested DNA evidence which may have exonerated the man from death row.




“Honeymoon Killer”

Attorney Keith Sullivan on Geraldo Rivera discussing the Honeymoon Killer who recently returned to the US.





Chicago ‘Gang Summit’

A short clip of Attorney Keith Sullivan discussing Chicago ‘gang summit’ on Studio B with Shepard Smith.







Gabe Watson and Amanda Knox Cases

Attorney Keith Sullivan discusses the Gabe Watson and Amanda Knox cases.







Mel Gibson Tapes

Attorney Keith Sullivan discusses newly released Mel Gibson audio tapes; tapes inadmissible in court?







Anti-Bullying Laws

Attorney Keith Sullivan discusses anti-bullying laws, in light of New Jersey Lawmakers proposing tougher anti-bullying laws.






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