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No matter what type of accident you’ve been injured in, the experienced and knowledgeable wrongful death and personal injury attorneys of Sullivan & Galleshaw can help. When you call us for a free and private case evaluation, we will discuss your claim in depth and explore your legal options going forward.


Our attorneys represent clients charged with simple and aggravated assault, including allegations involving vehicular assault, gang assault, and domestic violence.

Disorderly Conduct

The legal definitions for disorderly conduct are vague, and it's often possible to beat the charges.  Call on our defense lawyers for help today.

DUI Defense

A DWI conviction can lead to jail time, costly fines, and long-term driver's license suspension. We handle DWAI and DUI with drugs and alcohol, including high BAC and repeat offenses.

Misdemeanor Defense

It's important to take misdemeanor charges seriously.  Misdemeanors create criminal records just like felonies, and can lead to expensive restitution and lengthy jail sentences.

Parole Violation

If you're found guilty of violating parole, you can be sent back to prison.  You need an aggressive law firm to protect your hard-earned freedom.

Robbery & Theft

Robbery involves violence or threats, like mugging.  Theft or "larceny" ranges from shoplifting to identity theft to stealing cash and property.  We handle petit and grand larceny.

Sex Crimes

If you're convicted of a sex crime, you may have to join the Sex Offender Registry.  Our attorneys fight allegations ranging from rape and sexual assault to prostitution and child abuse.


Burglary is a kind of theft that involves breaking and entering. Our lawyers handle allegations including criminal trespass and possession of burglar's tools.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a broad category that includes crimes like assault, stalking, menacing, strangulation, and violating restraining orders.

Firearm Possession

Criminal possession of a firearm can lead to felony charges under New York's laws. Our attorneys work on cases involving illegal handguns, shotguns, revolvers, and more.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Stealing an operable vehicle is grand larceny, the most serious form of theft. When you're facing felony charges, you need aggressive legal representation.

Probation Violation

People convicted of violating probation lose their freedoms and privileges, face expensive fines, and can be sentenced to prison.  Let us investigate your probation officer's claims.

Traffic Violations

Many people don't challenge traffic violations, but infractions that seem like "no big deal" can turn into points on your record, increased insurance fees, and even license suspension.

Hate Crimes

If you're convicted of a hate crime, the offense grading rises by one full level.  That can add years to a prison sentence, or even turn a misdemeanor into a felony.

Possession of Stolen Property

Possessing stolen property can lead to penalties almost as harsh as the penalties for committing theft.  You need an experienced defense attorney on your side.

Drug Possession

We handle misdemeanor and felony drug possession offenses involving marijuana, LSD, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, prescription drugs, and other narcotics.

Immigration Crimes

Illegal entry or reentry into the United States is a federal crime.  Convicted immigrants face massive fines, long prison sentences, and possible deportation.

Homicide Defense

Homicide is a broad category that includes murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, vehicular manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and aggravated charges.

Prostitution Defense

We represent clients charged with prostitution, including related offenses like sex trafficking, promoting prostitution, and patronizing a prostitute.

Vehicular Assault

Vehicular assault is a felony under New York law, and often overlaps with intoxicated driving or DWI.  Our defense lawyers handle simple and aggravated charges.

Weapons Charges

New York law makes numerous guns, knives, and other weapons illegal to sell, use, or possess.  Most of these crimes are categorized as felonies.

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