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MSNBC Appearances

150px msnbc - Our Attorneys on MSNBCAppearing as a guest commentator of MSNBC, founding partner Keith Sullivan has provided in-depth legal analysis on a variety of news stories garnering national headlines, including Joran van der Sloot’s arrest for murder in Peru and the controversial firing of a Citibank employee for being “too sexy” while on the job. Click through each interview to get a better sense of the firm’s legal prowess in a variety of practice areas and see how these skills can apply to your own claim should you choose to hire the firm to represent your interests.

Joran Van Der Sloot Murder Case

Attorney Keith Sullivan of Sullivan & Galleshaw discussing the Joran Van Der Sloot murder case on MSNBC.

Drew Peterson Murder Case

A short clip of Sullivan & Galleshaw’s own Keith Sullivan on MSNBC discussing the Drew Peterson murder case.


Casey Anthony Murder Trial

A clip of Attorney Keith Sullivan discussing the closing arguments of the Casey Anthony Trial.



Arizona-Border Debate

Attorney Keith Sullivan on MSNBC Sunday discussing the Arizona-Border debate.




Florida Dog Inherits $3 Million

A brief clip of Attorney Keith Sullivan discussing the case of a Florida dog that inherited $3 million from it’s owner and her son’s challenge to the will.






Woman Fired for Being “Too Sexy”

Attorney Keith Sullivan discussing case of woman suing financial giant for being fired.






Splitting Lottery Winnings

A short clip of Attorney Keith Sullivan discusses lottery winner who may have to share winnings with estranged wife.






Strauss-Kahn Release

Attorney Keith Sullivan discusses Dominique Strauss-Kahn release without bail.






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