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logo foxny e1417713292529 - Our Attorneys on FOX5 New YorkSometimes, the problems our clients face in the wake of their injuries or allegations made against them are so egregious that they demand attention from the media to inform the public at large. Watch these videos of founding partner Keith Sullivan as he talks about his clients, including a New York firefighter who unknowingly appeared in an advertisement about 9/11 that made false claims regarding his participation in cleanup and rescue efforts on that tragic day. Drawing the public’s attention to this type of bad behavior is at the core of holding the negligent accountable for their actions.

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FDNY Firefighter in Ad about 9/11

Attorney Keith Sullivan discusses FDNY firefighter in ad about 9/11, who thought he was posing for a fire prevention ad.


Sgt. Dakota Meyer

Attorney Keith Sullivan discusses Sgt. Dakota Meyer joining the FDNY.

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